How to build a Hylafax server (i.e. Hylamonster)

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These are the steps to build a hylafax server. (oh yeah, i almost forgot, you should definately called the fax server we build "HylaMonster")

  1. Build up your server hardware, preferably with RAID 5 (3 drives) plus 1 hotspare. Use a 3ware raid card, 8000 series is a good choice. Use an external modem connected to Com1 for best results (easy to setup)...
  2. Boot using the Debian Net Install cd and when prompted to continue type "linux26", this will load the 2.6 kernel
  3. Setup the partitions as follows (hylafax by default puts all faxes and temp files in /var, so we want to give it a lot of space)
    1. #1 primary 32mb ext2 /boot bootable-flag
    2. #2 primary 1gb swap swap
    3. #3 primary 20gb reiserfs /
    4. #4 logical 20gb+ reiserfs /home
    5. #5 logical 100gb+ reiserfs /var
  4. Do a normal debian setup, don't select any extra features, just what you need and no more...
  5. Once it is installed login as root
  6. type "apt-get install hylafax-server" to install hylafax
  7. type "faxsetup" and follow all the prompts, use defaults for everything that you can, customize as little as possible
    1. modem should be ttyS0
    2. use defaults
  8. Once you've completed that part of the setup we have to create some users... this is how:
    1. type "faxadduser -a [adminpass] -p [userpass] -u [uid] [username]"
      1. -a adminpass is a password you make up that allows the user to login with admin privelages to the fax server, set it to whatever you like
      2. -p userpass is the normal user password for the person logging in
      3. -u uid is a # ... FOR EXAMPLE: -u 10
      4. HERE IS A SAMPLE USER THAT I SET UP "faxadduser -a adminpass -p userpass -u 100 username" ... That will create a user called "username" with the user id of "100" and a password of "userpass" with admin privelages accessible via "adminpass" Does this make sense?
  9. Ok, now that we've got our server setup and our users entered lets reboot the server and go over to our client machines... Oh yeah, its going to be important at this point that you either have your NIC setup with a static IP or you have the same IP being assigned everytime via DHCP...

Ok, for the client setup we'll need to install two programs from the Client CD, Cypheus and Able Fax Tif Viewer...
  1. Install Cypheus first and Able second, do not configure one without the other!
  2. Once both are installed open Cypheus and login using the server ip, and the username and password you setup... Select autologin so they won't have to manually login everytime... Also, purchase full versions of software and enter registration codes...
  3. Once in Cypheus open up settings and click on the "Viewer" settings on the left column, this is really the only setting you have to change to be fully functional... Select your tiff viewer by browsing to C:\Program Files\AbleFaxTifView\faxtifview.exe and deselect the check box that says use internal viewer...
  4. Also on the left column is a place to setup "System" settings, change these if you need to... I've found that things seem to work best when I do the least amount of configuration, i.e. "IF IT AIN'T BROKE DON'T FIX IT"
  5. Now send and receive some faxes and test things to see how their working, if there are problems start by reading the How To's at and if those don't help start going through the user forum archives...

Good Luck and God Bless

To have hylafax save incomming faxes in pdf format (it will work to copy the whole selection into a executable file and run the script):
cd /var/spool/hylafax/bin
cp faxrcvd faxrcvd.original
cp faxrcvd-mail faxrcvd-mail.original wget "" wget "" mv faxrcvd-pdf faxrcvd mv faxrcvd-mail-pdf faxrcvd-mail
/etc/init.d/hylafax restart

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Submitted by fribanana (not registered) on Sat, 2010-10-16 21:48.

What an old tutorial. This is OBSOLETE of course.

Read the official documentation at to get the latest instructions. It's now easier to set up but modems are harder to find...

I just remembered how not user-friendly some Linux Distribs were at that time. I never understood why we had to type "linux26" when booting Debian install CD as it was the latest Linux kernel...
I thing it was not as stable as what "Debian stable" means.

BUT, saying that I'm running Debian on servers and Ubuntu on desktops (because users want Firefox 3.6, OOo 3, Thunderbird 3.1 and good hardware support, which means recent kernel).

Submitted by Simon (not registered) on Sun, 2009-07-05 05:32.

Here is a complete guide to install a HylaFAX server with CentOS. Hopefully it will help people with their fax project:

Good luck,


Submitted by Anonymous (not registered) on Sat, 2013-03-02 19:00.

Ya, old or new the help aint no help, here i am setting up the Windows version "Winprint HylaFAX Reloded" Im doing ok till I get to Modem and Password. OK Fine I have heard those terms before and I have set up FAX software and passwords up the waazoo. But what password??? And the modem, it didnt auto detect, so what now, ya want a name, ya want me to find its official name? and drop that in there? ...Well Ill go to the HELP file that will certainly solve all. There aint no help file. So I Start Googling. Google "Configure Hylafax CClient password" or a combo of suchlike terms. Across the whole of the internet you will never find the answer. At one spot I saw something that read "make up your own", but it was a linux Hylafax site. Windows Hylafax has been passed over in regard to help for the password. Then a miracle, I had a glimps of the balloon popup and, for the 1.2 seconds it is displayed, it said "Hylafax password. Use faxadduser to set up" Hah Hah... Guess, go ahead, guess... there is no such button or exe or mention anywhere on my super optimized WINXP Pro except in that balloon to faxadduser... Now google faxadduser. Why? ...there is no reference anywhere on the internet supplying any novice usable data. On some pages for faxadduser the very word "password" does not reside anywhere on the page or anywhere on parent or child pages or will return anything from a search at that same site. Screw Hylafax into the ground and its author and its admins, those responsible to insure novices get to use it too, not just CS Majors. No one likes to write help files, there are so many better things to do, so just F it, right? Just say ANYTHING and go watch TV. Now try to get HYLAFAX "server address" to fill in that box... see where you can find the answer to that... Ya wont.