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Old 3rd August 2013, 05:18
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Default Assemble a report from Nagios email alerts

Nagios cycles its data (at least ours has) -- I have several hundred email alerts provided to me (by my boss!) who's asked me to tabulate them into some meaningful graph (RRD) and/or report.

He provided these all one big fat TXT file. Each entry is standard format (email) and has the standard Nagios email alert formatting. From this, I should be able to parse out and graph these... it's just not something I've done before.

I wonder if someone else has any tips or tricks on accomplishing this.

Here is a sample entry:

^LFrom: nagios@ourhost.com
Subject: [PROD] ** RECOVERY Service Alert: core-river-gw-vl671.network-provider.com/check_ping
Date: July 30, 2013 9:31:05 AM EDT
To: "My Boss" <myboss@ourhost.com>

***** Nagios *****

Notification Type: RECOVERY

Service: check_ping
Host: core-river-gw-vl671.network-provider.com
State: OK

Date/Time: Tue Jul 30 09:31:05 EDT 2013

Additional Info:

PING OK - Packet loss = 0%, RTA = 0.68 ms

Thanks in advance!
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Old 16th December 2013, 14:15
RandomGuy RandomGuy is offline
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Use a programing language and do something like

InputFile in;
String line;
List output;
String[] row;
// Read input
while(line = in.readLine()) {
if(line.equals("***** Nagios *****") {
// Start a new entry and push it to the output list
output.add(row = new String[3]);
} else if(line.startsWith("Service") {
// Read your fields
row[0] = line.split(":")[1].trim();
} else if(line.startWith("Host") {
// Read your fields
row[1] = line.split(":")[1].trim();
/** Read the other fields you need in the same fashion **/

// Produce output
OutputFile out;
for(String[] row : output){
out.println(row[0] + "," + row[1] + "," + row[2]
/** Write all your output fields to a row **/

This will generate a csv (comma separated values) files where each entry is one row with each field in one column. You can then open this file in any office suite like OpenOffice, Microsoft office or even with Google Docs. There you can generate all kinds of statistics and graphs you require and then export the whole thing to something like pdf.
Personaly I would use java to write somthing like that, but you can really do something like that in any programming language that you are familiar with.
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