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Exclamation Pure-FTPd downloading

Im a bit of an ftp newbie, and i am having a prob with my server.
When i connect to my server via internet explorer/firefox, and click on a file in it, it tries to either open that file in another browser window, or tries to navigate to it like a directory. ive tried txt,zip,iso,exe the same thing happens. is there a setting that just allows me to download things, not just replace?
my pure-ftp.conf file:

# Cage in every user in his home directory

ChrootEveryone              yes

# TrustedGID                    100

# Turn on compatibility hacks for broken clients

BrokenClientsCompatibility  yes

# Maximum number of simultaneous users

MaxClientsNumber            50

# Fork in background

Daemonize                   yes

# Maximum number of sim clients with the same IP address

MaxClientsPerIP             8

VerboseLog                  no

# List dot-files even when the client doesn't send "-a".

DisplayDotFiles             yes

# Don't allow authenticated users - have a public anonymous FTP only.

AnonymousOnly               no

# Disallow anonymous connections. Only allow authenticated users.

NoAnonymous                 yes

SyslogFacility              none

# Display fortune cookies

# FortunesFile              /usr/share/fortune/zippy

DontResolve                 yes

# Maximum idle time in minutes (default = 15 minutes)

MaxIdleTime                 15

# LDAP configuration file (see README.LDAP)

# LDAPConfigFile                /etc/pure-ftpd/pureftpd-ldap.conf

# MySQL configuration file (see README.MySQL)

# MySQLConfigFile               /etc/pure-ftpd/pureftpd-mysql.conf

# Postgres configuration file (see README.PGSQL)

# PGSQLConfigFile               /etc/pure-ftpd/pureftpd-pgsql.conf

# PureDB user database (see README.Virtual-Users)

PureDB                        /etc/pure-ftpd/pureftpd.pdb

# Path to pure-authd socket (see README.Authentication-Modules)

# ExtAuth                       /var/run/ftpd.sock

# If you want to enable PAM authentication, uncomment the following line

# PAMAuthentication             yes

# If you want simple Unix (/etc/passwd) authentication, uncomment this

# UnixAuthentication            yes

LimitRecursion              7500 8

# Are anonymous users allowed to create new directories ?

AnonymousCanCreateDirs      no

# If the system is more loaded than the following value,
# anonymous users aren't allowed to download.

MaxLoad                     4

# Port range for passive connections replies. - for firewalling.

# PassivePortRange          30000 50000

# ForcePassiveIP      

# Upload/download ratio for anonymous users.

# AnonymousRatio                1 10

# Upload/download ratio for all users.
# This directive superscedes the previous one.

UserRatio                 1 10

# Disallow downloading of files owned by "ftp", ie.
# files that were uploaded but not validated by a local admin.

AntiWarez                   no

# IP address/port to listen to (default=all IP and port 21).

# Bind            ,21

# Maximum bandwidth for anonymous users in KB/s

# AnonymousBandwidth            8

# Maximum bandwidth for *all* users (including anonymous) in KB/s
# Use AnonymousBandwidth *or* UserBandwidth, both makes no sense.

# UserBandwidth             8

# File creation mask. <umask for files>:<umask for dirs> .
# 177:077 if you feel paranoid.

Umask                       133:022

# Minimum UID for an authenticated user to log in.

MinUID                      500

# Do not use the /etc/ftpusers file to disable accounts. We're already
# using MinUID to block users with uid < 500

UseFtpUsers no

# Allow FXP transfers for authenticated users.

AllowUserFXP                yes

# Allow anonymous FXP for anonymous and non-anonymous users.

AllowAnonymousFXP           no

# Users can't delete/write files beginning with a dot ('.')
# even if they own them. If TrustedGID is enabled, this group
# will have access to dot-files, though.

ProhibitDotFilesWrite       no

# Prohibit *reading* of files beginning with a dot (.history, .ssh...)

ProhibitDotFilesRead        no

# Never overwrite files. When a file whoose name already exist is uploaded,
# it get automatically renamed to file.1, file.2, file.3, ...

AutoRename                  no

# Disallow anonymous users to upload new files (no = upload is allowed)

AnonymousCantUpload         yes

# Only connections to this specific IP address are allowed to be
# non-anonymous. You can use this directive to open several public IPs for
# anonymous FTP, and keep a private firewalled IP for remote administration.
# You can also only allow a non-routable local IP (like 10.x.x.x) to
# authenticate, and keep a public anon-only FTP server on another IP.


# If you want to add the PID to every logged line, uncomment the following
# line.

#LogPID                     yes

# Create an additional log file with transfers logged in a Apache-like format :
# fw.c9x.org - jedi [13/Dec/1975:19:36:39] "GET /ftp/linux.tar.bz2" 200 21809338
# This log file can then be processed by www traffic analyzers.

AltLog                     clf:/var/log/pureftpd.log

# Create an additional log file with transfers logged in a format optimized
# for statistic reports.

# AltLog                     stats:/var/log/pureftpd.log

# Create an additional log file with transfers logged in the standard W3C
# format (compatible with most commercial log analyzers)

# AltLog                     w3c:/var/log/pureftpd.log

# Disallow the CHMOD command. Users can't change perms of their files.

#NoChmod                     yes

# Allow users to resume and upload files, but *NOT* to delete them.

KeepAllFiles                yes

# Automatically create home directories if they are missing

CreateHomeDir               yes

# Enable virtual quotas. The first number is the max number of files.
# The second number is the max size of megabytes.
# So 1000:10 limits every user to 1000 files and 10 Mb.

#Quota                       1000:10

# If your pure-ftpd has been compiled with standalone support, you can change
# the location of the pid file. The default is /var/run/pure-ftpd.pid

#PIDFile                     /var/run/pure-ftpd.pid

# If your pure-ftpd has been compiled with pure-uploadscript support,
# this will make pure-ftpd write info about new uploads to
# /var/run/pure-ftpd.upload.pipe so pure-uploadscript can read it and
# spawn a script to handle the upload.

#CallUploadScript yes

# This option is useful with servers where anonymous upload is 
# allowed. As /var/ftp is in /var, it save some space and protect 
# the log files. When the partition is more that X percent full,
# new uploads are disallowed.

MaxDiskUsage               99

# Set to 'yes' if you don't want your users to rename files.

#NoRename                  yes

# Be 'customer proof' : workaround against common customer mistakes like
# 'chmod 0 public_html', that are valid, but that could cause ignorant
# customers to lock their files, and then keep your technical support busy
# with silly issues. If you're sure all your users have some basic Unix
# knowledge, this feature is useless. If you're a hosting service, enable it.

CustomerProof              yes

# Per-user concurrency limits. It will only work if the FTP server has
# been compiled with --with-peruserlimits (and this is the case on
# most binary distributions) .
# The format is : <max sessions per user>:<max anonymous sessions>
# For instance, 3:20 means that the same authenticated user can have 3 active
# sessions max. And there are 20 anonymous sessions max.

# PerUserLimits            3:20

# When a file is uploaded and there is already a previous version of the file
# with the same name, the old file will neither get removed nor truncated.
# Upload will take place in a temporary file and once the upload is complete,
# the switch to the new version will be atomic. For instance, when a large PHP
# script is being uploaded, the web server will still serve the old version and
# immediatly switch to the new one as soon as the full file will have been
# transfered. This option is incompatible with virtual quotas.

# NoTruncate               yes

# This option can accept three values :
# 0 : disable SSL/TLS encryption layer (default).
# 1 : accept both traditional and encrypted sessions.
# 2 : refuse connections that don't use SSL/TLS security mechanisms,
#     including anonymous sessions.
# Do _not_ uncomment this blindly. Be sure that :
# 1) Your server has been compiled with SSL/TLS support (--with-tls),
# 2) A valid certificate is in place,
# 3) Only compatible clients will log in.

# TLS                      1

# Listen only to IPv4 addresses in standalone mode (ie. disable IPv6)
# By default, both IPv4 and IPv6 are enabled.

# IPV4Only                 yes

# Listen only to IPv6 addresses in standalone mode (ie. disable IPv4)
# By default, both IPv4 and IPv6 are enabled.

# IPV6Only                 yes

# FileSystemCharset	big5
# ClientCharset		big5
Help would be very much appreciated.

PS I had to remove some of the comments in the code to make it fit in the message

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Just, saying, i am running on fedora core 5 64-bit
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Have you tried a real FTP client like SmartFTP or WS_FTP? A browser is not what you want to use for FTP.
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