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Old 5th January 2012, 15:39
till till is online now
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I tested the fail2ban setup that is described in the perfect setup guide for debian 6 on my test server here and it blocked the pure-ftpd-mysql login attemps correctly in my tests:


Maybe you enabled debugging in pure-ftpd which changes the log style or something similar?
Till Brehm
Get ISPConfig support and the ISPConfig 3 manual from ispconfig.org.

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cbj4074 (5th January 2012)
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Old 5th January 2012, 18:29
cbj4074 cbj4074 is offline
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I wish I had seen that link earlier . Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, Till.

The cited tutorial contains the correct information regarding the log location (/var/log/syslog), which is good to see.

However, when I change my fail2ban configuration to match that in the tutorial, I'm never banned in my tests.

I have not changed the pure-ftpd configuration or logging options, for what that's worth.

I tried passing the sample log line and regex from the tutorial to fail2ban-regex, and a match is found, so I'm not sure why I'm never banned. I have made sure that my IP address is not white-listed in the fail2ban configuration.

With fail2ban's loglevel = 3, nothing is logged when I repeatedly fail authentication. The maxretry threshold is set to 3, and I've tried dozens of times -- still nothing.

If I set fail2ban's loglevel = 4, there is simply too much output for me to sort-out the log entries.

Is this a question for the fail2ban mailing list?

Unfortunately, I've introduced another issue while attempting to troubleshoot this one.

I forced a log rotation for all logs when I meant to force a rotation only for /var/log/auth.log. (I wanted to force a rotation because this file was some 400MB in size, and parsing it with fail2ban-regex was taking too long.) Now, nothing is being written to /var/log/auth.log. If I tail the file, and for example, log-in via SSH, nothing is written to the log. After a day or so, the log is still empty. Why might rotating the log cause this behavior?

The files look like this:

-rw-r-----  1 syslog   adm         0 Jan  4 09:49 auth.log
-rw-r-----  1 syslog   adm      376M Jan  5 08:32 auth.log.1
EDIT: Now that I look at these dates, I realize that the auth.log.1 file is the one being modified, not auth.log.

I should add that auth.log was never being rotated (which is why it was 376MB in size), so I created the file /etc/logrotate.d/auth and populated it with the following contents:

/var/log/auth.log {
	rotate 12
I forced the log rotation after creating this file, if I recall correctly.

The relevant entry in /etc/syslog.conf looks correct:

auth,authpriv.*          -/var/log/auth.log
Any idea why this would cause the .1 log file to become the primary log? Is there a simple way to fix this?

Last edited by cbj4074; 5th January 2012 at 18:43. Reason: Added ls -lah output for affected log files.
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Old 5th January 2012, 21:06
cbj4074 cbj4074 is offline
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Okay, all is well, finally.

When I removed the file I had created at /etc/logrotate.d/auth, the system began logging to /var/log/auth.log again.

Even though the pure-ftpd-mysql jail in fail2ban was not monitoring this file (it was monitoring /var/log/syslog), the fact that /var/log/auth.log was empty seemed to keep fail2ban from banning via the pure-ftpd-mysql jail. This is strange, given that fail2ban continued banning for other jails, such as postfix.

I don't know why /var/log/auth.log is never rotated on this system, because I have other systems that are nearly identical on which that log is rotated every three days.

Once I sort that, I'll be a happy camper!
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Old 16th March 2012, 09:04
enqx enqx is offline
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Originally Posted by autogun View Post
Thank you so much, jysse!

I've change my original line from -
failregex = pure-ftpd(?:\[\d+\])?: (.+?@<HOST>) \[WARNING\] %(__errmsg)s \[.+\]$
to yours -
failregex = pure-ftpd(?:\[\d+\])?: \(.+?@<HOST>\) \[WARNING\] %(__errmsg)s \[.+\]$
Works like a charm =D

2009-09-09 06:01:33,551 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [pure-ftpd] Ban XX.XXX.249.100
THIS WORKED on ISPCONFIG and Debian Lenny.
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Old 2nd February 2013, 00:37
PermaNoob PermaNoob is offline
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Originally Posted by jysse View Post
Here is how I managed to make this work.
Debian Lenny, ISPConfig3

If I understood correct there was an error in Debian's pure-ftpd filter. Correct line in /etc/fail2ban/filter.d/pure-ftpd.conf should be:
failregex = pure-ftpd(?:\[\d+\])?: \(.+?@<HOST>\) \[WARNING\] %(__errmsg)s \[.+\]$

Here is my jail.conf lines for pure-ftpd:

enabled = true
port = ftp
filter = pure-ftpd
logpath = /var/log/messages
maxretry = 2

Hope this helps !

Thanks a lot--that missing \ in ])?: (.+?@<HOST>) sure caused a lot of trouble, including having Hetzner take my server offline for 6 hours because of the pure-ftpd attacks that weren't being blocked.

Last edited by PermaNoob; 2nd February 2013 at 00:40.
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