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Old 11th May 2009, 10:13
mehulved mehulved is offline
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Default IMAP authentication failure with dovecot

I am trying to setup ISPConfig 2.2.32 on CentOS 5.3 32-bit. I
followed the how-to on howtoforge for CentOS 5.2[1]. The control panel
is working and the emails are being delivered to the mailbox. But, I
am unable to login via IMAP.
Here's the output from telnet
telnet dtc.progresspartners.co.in 143
Connected to dtc.progresspartners.co.in.
Escape character is '^]'.
* OK Dovecot ready.
a login mehul@thehappinesscompany.in *****
a NO Authentication failed.
* BYE Disconnected for inactivity.
Connection closed by foreign host.
Here's the logs for dovecot
dovecot: May 11 01:53:03 Info: auth(default): new auth connection: pid=31674
dovecot: May 11 01:53:16 Info: auth(default): client in:
AUTH 1 PLAIN service=IMAP lip=::ffff: rip=::ffff: resp=AG1laHVsQHRoZWhhcHBpbmVzc2NvbXBhbnkuaW4AbWVod Ww=
dovecot: May 11 01:53:16 Info: auth(default):
pam(mehul@thehappinesscompany.in,::ffff:122.169.50 .85): lookup
dovecot: May 11 01:53:18 Info: auth(default):
pam(mehul@thehappinesscompany.in,::ffff:122.169.50 .85):
pam_authenticate() failed: User not known to the underlying
authentication module
dovecot: May 11 01:53:18 Info: auth(default): client out:
FAIL 1 user=mehul@thehappinesscompany.in
dovecot: May 11 01:56:16 Info: imap-login: Disconnected: Inactivity:
user=<mehul@thehappinesscompany.in>, method=PLAIN,
rip=::ffff:, lip=::ffff:
protocols = imap imaps pop3 pop3s

log_path = /var/log/dovecot/error.log

info_log_path = /var/log/dovecot/info.log

log_timestamp = "%b %d %H:%M:%S "

syslog_facility = mail

login_dir = /var/run/dovecot/login

login_chroot = yes

login_greeting = Dovecot ready.

login_log_format_elements = user=<%u> method=%m rip=%r lip=%l %c

login_log_format = %$: %s

protocol imap {

protocol pop3 {

protocol lda {
postmaster_address = postmaster@example.com

auth_debug = yes

auth_debug_passwords = yes

auth default {
mechanisms = plain login
passdb pam {

userdb passwd {

user = root


dict {

plugin {
I have checked that the username and password exist and are correct.
I am not sure if dovecot should be authenticating using PAM or use
some files or mysql. Any pointers to the solve the issue will be

1. http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect-server-centos-5.2
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Old 11th May 2009, 20:09
till till is offline
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You have to use the username of the email user and not its email address to connect to the imap server. Usernames in ispconnfig 2 have the format web[ID]_username
Till Brehm
Get ISPConfig support and the ISPConfig 3 manual from ispconfig.org.
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Old 12th May 2009, 05:04
mehulved mehulved is offline
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Thank you till. I somehow missed that. It's working great now
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