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Default co-domain forwarding issue

Ok, so, situation is the following.

I have a website set up, let us say abc.com

I have a few other domains purchased with names related to abc.com (for examples sake 123.com and xyz.com)

the abc.com website is a joomla site.

Currently I have these domains set up as co-domains for that site, and this works fine, with one important exception.

For example, 123.com loads the main abc.com site fine, under the appropriate domain url.

Content can be browsed to under 123.com or abc.com and the domain "masquerade" (not sure if that is the correct terminology) works fine.

However, my intention was for these alternate urls to forward to a specific part of the website rather than just the base site.

so, for example, I would like 123.com to drop the person at 123.com/help-and-support/about-us

However, if I add what I assume is neccessary for this to occur to the ISPConfig co-domain forward field "/help-and-support/about-us" this causes the 123.com url to redirect to abc.com/help-and-support/about-us rather than 123.com/help-and-support/about-us.

I have tried all variations I can think of (full http://www.123.com/help-and-support/about-us url, etc) and havent stumbled across anything that works.

So, I am curious if anyone might be able to tell me how to get this working. It seems a relatively simple thing, but perhaps the functionality is not designed to do what I want to do?

Any assistance much appreciated.

Can provide more detailed information if requested.
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Have a look here.

If i understand you well, it can be a solution for you.

MrHostman | Managed Hosting
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Hey, thanks for the reply. I just attempted this change, and it did not seem to work at all?

in the version of ISPConfig i am using the line in question that needs to be changed is on like 1400, however I changed this, and added the following to the apache directives for the site :

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^123.org [NC]
RewriteRule ^/(.*)$ /help-and-support/about-us$1 [L]

However it does not appear to do anything.

Perhaps that solution is not appropriate? I do not want the alternate domain names to point to a different site, just a different place on the same site?

or perhaps I am just adding this apache directive incorrectly.
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Look in Vhosts_ispconfig.conf what the actual rewrite rules look like. This should give you a hint why it's not working as expected.
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