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Default New Need a Little Help

I'm new to the hole server thing but i have a remote server set up with a dynamic IP and all of that have been trying to set up ventrilo on it got it working but it will not stay running as soon as i close my PuTTy connection it stops the ventrilo server can someone tell me how to make it run in the background all the time the server is running Linux

would love all the help i can get
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./ventrilo_srv &

to get out of it
than its all up n running

and what is ventrilo ?
i had a quick look is it an VOIP server ?
or something else

mysqld_safe &
than i can use my putty window or close it and mysql server will be still running

if you own the box
than why not add it to the rc.local

/path/to/file &
sleep 2

and it would fire up on boot up of the server
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