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Old 9th January 2006, 09:48
Traxus Traxus is offline
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Once again, thanks for all the offered assistance.

I would say Courier works well now after some testing. I get occasionaly a situation that looks like Mozilla keeps polling IMAP folders that are empty on the server, but that doesnt look critical.

Here the solution how to get Courier POP3 and IMAP working correctly over SSL on Suse 10.0:
This distributions comes with broken service start scripts courier-pop-ssl and courier-imap-ssl in /etc/init.d/. You can find the corrected scripts as attachments to this post.

It is possible that the people at Suse will release a fix for that problem, but I have a feeling they will skip on that and it will be only come corrected with the upcomming 10.1 release.
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File Type: gz courier-imap-ssl.gz (1.2 KB, 363 views)
File Type: gz courier-pop-ssl.gz (1.2 KB, 346 views)
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Old 2nd February 2006, 21:21
st2xo st2xo is offline
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Originally Posted by Traxus
I have been searching for a solution all over the net in the last day or so, the problem is that so far I found references of about 2 people having the same problem as me under Suse 10, but no data if they solved it and how, only simmilar posts as is mine on here.
your wrong - there are 3 people having the same problem!

After searching and googling more than 1 day at all, we had the same idea at the same time and patched the /etc/courier/imapd-ssl and /etc/courier/pop3d-ssl files

Your script courier-pop-ssl.gz (thank you!) wonīt work at our system (I think mostly same configuration than your system), the courier-imap-ssl.gz we hadīnt tested.
If I use courier-pop-ssl.gz the courier-pop-ssl seems to be completly crashed
/etc/init.d/courier-pop-ssl status
/etc/init.d/courier-pop-ssl stop
/etc/init.d/courier-pop-ssl start
wonīt give a result.
After resetting to the original pop3d-ssl (from Suse10 perfect setup) the status/stop/start are giving the regular results.

So here I post that both scripts propably patched a little bit different from your scripts. I didnīt checked out the differences, after 10 hours courier, postfix, pop and imap my nerves canīt anymore

At the end now these services are working
  • pop3-SSL (port 995)
  • imap-SSL (995)
  • smtp_auth with TLS (25)

these service arenīt working
  • pop3 TLS (25)
  • imap TLS (25)
  • pop3-SSL secure authentification
  • imap-SSL secure authentification
  • smtp_auth with SSL (465)

I think that there is still a problem with the deamons running not on all ports they should. But at least, secure mail transfer is now possible and at next I will look to much other things to configure on our new system. There is much stuff to do ...

hope that helps, too ....
Attached Files
File Type: gz imapd-ssl-CHANGED_st2xo.gz (2.6 KB, 277 views)
File Type: gz pop3d-ssl-CHANGED_st2xo.gz (2.4 KB, 297 views)
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Old 3rd February 2006, 15:55
Traxus Traxus is offline
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Interesting. I am curious what the differences are between our two solutions, maybe we should provide a more general solution. Thank You for the contribution.

Right now I am fighting to setup the PHP correctly to handle Postnuke...
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Old 5th February 2006, 15:57
wwparrish wwparrish is offline
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Your both wrong, there are at least 4 people with this problem

Did perfect install on clean new os install. All seemed fine, all checks during install did as documented. Now after a couple of reboots some stuff is not running and same issues as above. I am lookin at the scripts for the services now.

MAJOR Bummer !!!!

edit: Unless someone objects I would like to document my investigation here in this post with updates via editing, It might help someone else, keeps me from jotting notes all over the place and someone might notice something I missed or misunderstood.

note that st20x files are the config files as found in /etc/courier
and Traxus files are the acutal startup scricpts found in /etc/init.d

made a backup copy of /etc/init.d/courier-imap-ssl and used Traxus file instead. Ran it with the restart command
ares:/etc/init.d # ./courier-imap-ssl restart
Shutting down Courier-IMAP (SSL) done
Starting Courier-IMAP (SSL)
ares:/etc/init.d # netstat -tap
tcp 0 0 *:imaps *:* LISTEN 3040/couriertcpd

Woo Hooo !!! now have something listening at least.

ok same thing with courier-pop-ssl.
it runs now!!!
chmod 755 ./courier-pop-ssl
ares:/etc/init.d # ./courier-pop-ssl restart
Shutting down Courier-POP3 (SSL) done
Starting Courier-POP3 (SSL)unlimited
ares:/etc/init.d # netstat -tap

tcp 0 0 *op3s *:* LISTEN 3572/couriertcpd

Last edited by wwparrish; 6th February 2006 at 17:21.
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Old 4th April 2006, 19:17
wad wad is offline
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Okay, I've got the same problem. Courier-imap on SUSE 10, when trying to get imap-ssl working, is just broken. I'm fairly new to linux, and it would be great if someone could post a solution to the problem here.

--- ERic
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Old 4th April 2006, 19:50
falko falko is offline
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There are three different solutions posted above - did you try them?
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