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Old 30th January 2008, 23:53
kizman kizman is offline
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So the purpose of NIC Bonding/Teaming is making sure that your connection to the internet is not disrupted. (If one connection fails, the next one takes over)?

I have read that this method can be used to Bond multiple connections in a sense of speed.

For example:

DSL LINE NIC#1 --------------------\ ___> > Bond NIC#3(virtual NIC)

A dsl line (NIC#1), and a Wireless Connection (NIC#2) are bonded to a virtual NIC#3. This virtual NIC#3 uses the full speeds of NIC#1+NIC#2 to give a combined download speed.


I know this is possible. It's just that software may not have been programmed to do this. ( Atleast I haven't found anything, yet)

Does anybody know how I can accomplish the scenario?

If not exactly my method, then is there any way to combine two connections into one which accepts both NIC's packets to download the combined speed of the two connections.

I have two TWO NICS:

One is my DSL connection
The other is a wireless network.
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Old 14th September 2010, 00:06
bamatunz bamatunz is offline
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Default 4 NICs - 2 in RAIN - crossover doesn't work

I have a similar scenario on RHEL4 - I have successfully setup 2 sets of RAIN - bond0 and bond1. 1 is for the public IP and the other is for internal replication (DRBD) between 2 nodes in a HA cluster. For my purposes I need to try and reduce the number of switch ports required so I can deploy them with a minimal amount of specs (several clusters going to remote locations). My thought is to use crossover cables to connect the internal DRBD RAINs but I cannot get them to work properly. As you can see I'm using mode 5 which does not require additional switch support so in my head it should work with crossover cables directly. What am I missing?

Here is are some config settings so you can see what I have:

1) cat /etc/modprob.conf
alias eth0 e1000
alias eth1 e1000
alias eth2 tg3
alias eth3 tg3
alias scsi_hostadapter cciss
alias scsi_hostadapter1 ata_piix
alias bond0 bonding
options bond0 miimon=80 mode=5
alias bond1 bonding
options bond1 miimon=80 mode=5

2) cat /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-bond0

(the 2nd bond1 is identical except for the IP and device)

3) cat /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

Once again the other eth* are identical except for device name and master entries.

When I try to replace the switched cables with crossover cables OR standard Gigabyte Cat6e cables I loose connectivity on bond0 and even loose network all together on node-2 in the cluster.

I think it's pertinent to mention that 2 of the NICs on each server are onboard GB and the other two are GB on a dual-port PCI-x card. I have tried crossovers on both bond0 and bond1, onboard and PCI-x = no joy.

Does this have something to do with needing independent NIC cards with single ports on them in order to successfully cross them?

If you need more information please let me know.

Thanks in advance!
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Old 16th September 2010, 09:41
matty matty is offline
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I'm fairly certain a lot of the bonding modes use a gratuitous arp to advise the network which NIC is in control. This would require a switched environment where all NICs see each other. Connecting NIC to NIC removes that. I'm not certain that is the cause of your issues, but I'd be suspicious of it. Maybe you could try mode 1, which, IIRC, is a simple failover system.

To prove your hardware, you could revert to single ethX settings and see if your direct cable works in that configuration.
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Old 16th September 2010, 21:20
bamatunz bamatunz is offline
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Default RAIN for load balancing & faul tolerance

Thanks for the quick response...I will definitely try mode 1 just to prove your point which is a great idea - let's see if it works with 1 NIC straight through first, then introduce RAIN. (currently this cluster is in a holding pattern while we troubleshoot another issue).

However, the reason we wanted to use mode 5 or 6 is 2 fold:

1) to increase the throughput for the drbd resource.

2) to reduce the amount of switch ports required by our cluster for remote deployment situations where space is already at capacity.

I will give your suggestions a try and re-run the baseline tests we've developed to measure performance which is our deciding factor. Obviously with the introduction of RAIN we have failover which is great but only temporarily - we need the throughput to me at max capacity to be in a production environment.

Last edited by bamatunz; 16th September 2010 at 21:22. Reason: additional notes required for tardy future replies
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Old 4th May 2011, 00:13
capableson capableson is offline
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Red face

The term "network teaming / bonding" have been used to aggregate IP links for faster connection. In the early 90s, shotgun dial up modems were using bonding to double the network speed.

Today, there are really 2 main approaches. One is the bonding at layer1 or layer2 or just above layer2 (such as MLPPP). These require ISP to install MLPPP line-cards in their POP. The other more efficient approach is to do the bonding in higher layers and that is called "Broadband Bonding". Hope this helps
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