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Default wrt54g set up as hotspot

hi guys,

I just tried this howto: http://www.howtoforge.com/wifi_hotspot_setup

I is all setup just fine but I encounter some understanding problems when it comes about their terms....

I'LL just paste another post from another forum here instead of typing it all over again.

hi guys,

I have 2 scenarios:

a) trying to set up a hotspot so ppl can surf for free or for after paying
b) trying to let ppl who drop by my place get online

I guess for the first scenario the solution to use a wrt54g with this install is ok. still one question: the traffic would all be unencrypted, isn't it? is the re a possibility to have a hotspot with a radius server as authentification BUT WITH encrypted traffic? or is this a contradiction in itself?

For the second solution: before stumbling upon this solution I had WPA2 encryption and when friends dropped by I used to give them the WPA2 key but that means I would have to change that as soon as I do not want someone to be able to log in no more, so I was looking for another solution, but using this solution the traffic would be unencrypted.... what else can I do? I saw that in the wireless security tab tehre are more choices, like WPA2+radius? how would that work and would that be a solution? I guess it would mean an authentification by WPA2 so Istill would have to give my key but if I just deactivated the (radius) user/account for those visiting ppl that would shut them out?

ok now to the more technical questions:

I have successfully setup freeradius and phpmypreapaid and dialupadmin on my debian server on the net but have problems grasping the concept of how they work together:

in phpmyprepaid there are locations to which I can add an AP. for the AP I have to give DNS NAME IP and suer/password => DNS NAME is clear, but what IP is wanted? the internal IP of the AP? What user/password is wanted here? besides what is the domain field when entering a new location?

talking about dialupadmin: what can I configure here: RADIUS Clients ? Is it that a Radius client = AP ? if you click on help in dialupadmin it gives y link to this page: http://kstadler.ch/index.php?page=dialup where it says one can setup a NAS very simple by just a few lines, which indeed shows up if you click in dialuppadmin on online users, please chekc that tutorial out too. ther eis a naslist file where I can enter the details mentioned in that tutorial. also there is a NAS table in the config which seems to be the same as in the phpmyprepaid config. what does the field general_domain do? the tutorial says to use %(general_domain) as a variable but it does not really work...

what about freeradius: there is a client.conf where I can setup clients.... are clients= NAS = AP ?

as you can see I am quite onfused, I think I grasped what I can do with these tools but I do not see how they play togetehr and which name means what. the setup was quite easy following the tutorial here and the one for dialupadmin I gave above. so please if someone can shed some light on this please do so.... I know one does not have to use all features I just want to know all about these tools before starting to use them Smile

please anyone can you help me out? it seems others are successfully using these tools :-(
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What exactly is your problem?
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the problem is this: all those tools use a common database.

freeradius tels me to configure clients, I understood it is talking about setting up one client=Hotspot I have, so I start with one in the /etc/freeradius/clients.conf

client XXX.dyndns.org {
secret = XXXX
shortname = bloc21a
nastype = other
then I go on and phpmyprepaid tells me about setting up locations which seems to be only informative:

I understood I setup a location, like this:

Domain : what do I input here?
State : just_some_info
City : just_some_info
Country : just_some_info
so noiw to this location, i.e. my city I add an AP:

dns Name: what_dns_name?
IP Address: can_I_give_hostname?
User Name: what_username?
Password: what_password?
the I get to the config of dialupadmin, the tutorial says to add a NAS (=AP ???) in the naslist.conf, I did it like this:

nas1_name: just_a_name_I_guess
nas1_model: WRT54G
nas1_ip: what_IP?
nas1_portnum: whats_this?
nas1_community: wqhat_info_goes_in_here?
so thats basically my problem, why do I enter all that info in 3 different places? do I have to? how does it work together?

have I made myself more clear by now?
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The same Problem has YAEM to.

Everything works well. But without any result. The secrets and key are the same, the database is the same, butt wenn i log in nothing happens.

"Sorry, try again" ;-)

Dialupadmins testpage has no result, but freeradius-deamon schould be running.

thanks for help yaem
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The same pb and questions as Tenaka.
S.O have the responses?
Excuse my english..
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