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Default Apache2 mod_rewrite

Hi all,

I'm assisting a client with creating an affiliate website and was investigating mod_rewrite as the solution.

The idea is that a person on the net could hit a url like the following;


This would go to the same subdirectory and page for every member where the page that displays would lookup info about the member based on the requested URL.

I tried using the aliasmatch in much the same way that the vhosts_ispconfig.conf file does, however, if I put in something like;

AliasMatch ^/member/([^/]+)(/(.*))? /var/www/web11/web/test

and goto the following;


it gets sent to the following;
what might be causing this and is there a better way to handle something like this?

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Default Got it working!

Hi all,

Just posting back to say I got it working.

I ended up using the following in an .htaccess file in the root directory;

RewriteEngine On

RewriteRule ^members/(.*) index.php?var1=$1
Simple enough.

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