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Old 6th June 2007, 12:02
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Default Many "is this possible?" questions...

I've been playing around with ISPConfig for the past few days and I have quite a few questions. The reason I've been playing with ISPConfig is because I'm currently building a new webserver to replace an older one, and I'm considering using ISPConfig.

A little background: I have a software development company, and also do the web hosting for a few of my clients.

Anyway, here are my questions. If they have been answered already or are even mentioned in the manual(s), then I apologize. I've read the manuals and searched the forums but couldn't find the answers.

1) Can I create sites that are directly linked to "admin" or a reseller instead of a client?
The reason I'm asking is because I also have a few sites of my own and I was wondering if I need to add myself as a client first before I can add my sites. I can also imagine a reseller would want a site of his own - does he need to add himself as a client first too?
2) Can I create users under a client instead of under a site?
Most (if not all) of my clients have serveral websites, like www.productA.com and www.productB.com. They don't want seperate users for each website when it's the same person. For instance, salesperson X wants to receive all mail for MrX@productA.com and MrX@productB.com. I know I can do it by manually editing the virtusertable, but can I do it in ISPConfig?
3) Is there a way to use a different folder structure for websites?
On my servers, I use a different default folder structure for websites. So instead of the default cgi-bin, log, ssl, user and web folders, I use other. Some websites even use their own specific structure. Can I change both the default as well as a specific website's folder structure?
4) Can I override the default website root folder name?
Right now, ISPConfig simply creates folders like "web1", "web2", "web3" etc. for the sites and then creates a symbolic link "www.domainname.com" to this folder. Can I override this behavior? Can I determine foldernames myself on a per site/client basis? For instance, my webroot is "/var/www" and I have a client "XYZ Inc." with two websites, I want to be able to create these two folders: "/var/www/XYZ/website1" and "/var/www/XYZ/website2".
5)Is there a way to globally change an IP-address?
Every now and then (thought I admit seldomly) a website's IP address changes, or sometimes I "park" a website on a temporary IP-address for testing purposes. Is it possible to change an IP address throughout the system? For instance, let's say I create a website and give it a (local) IP address of for testing. This also creates an entry in the DNS and in several other places. Later when I'm done testing, I want to change this IP-address to the real IP-address. But if I do so in the "ISP-Sites" form, it only changes it there, and not in the DNS, local-host-names file, hosts file, etc. Is there a way to do that?
6) Can I change/override the user prefix per client?
As it is now, you set the user prefix globally, i.e. "web[WEBID]_". I can't use that. I need to be able to set the prefix per client. For instance, if I add client XYZ Inc., I want to be able to set the user prefix to "XYZ_" for this client only. That way I don't have to give my client weird usernames, and that way I can easily recognize to which client a specific username belongs. Is this at all possible?
Ok, these are the questions I have after just a few days of testing. I'm sure I'll have many, many more later. If anyone can answer these, I would be very grateful!
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