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Old 22nd May 2007, 01:44
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Question ISPConfig Logfiles (2147483647 bytes)

Good evening,

For an online game ISPConfig is used on 3 servers that host the website. We have recently switched from Plesk to ISPConfig while using a perfect fedora 6 setup how-to. ISPConfig gave us all we need to simply configure a mini-network with basic functions as mail, ftp, vhosts, etc. First of all, thank you (falko & till i believe; wadering around these forums) for developing such a great, and free, tool!

Now let me excuse myself for writing a complete paper about it, but i think forums are the best tool on the internet and just want to give people with the exact same problem a little hand.

One of the servers is used as database, one for serving dynamic content and one for static content. We have over 5 million hits a day now on the webserver and (big guess) even more on the static. The only problem we encouter is the logfile management of ISPConfig, or how it works. I think that because not many people use it for the same purpose as we do i have not been able to find a solution to our problem here nor on other websites.

The Problem
Static content sometimes took long to load. top showed 25.0+ sometimes while the average cpu usage was never higher then 15%.
Also logfiles where filling up the disk (todays logfile reached 2.1 gig at 20:57

We have stopped all logging through apache (done in httpd.conf) on the static server and disabled Webalizer through ISPConfig.
This solved the problem of the disk being full but still 2 logfiles are 'active':
the one called before that reached 2147483647 bytes at 20:57our, which is called ispconfig_access_log_2007_05_21.
The other one is the same file, but from the day before.

Because we were monitoring the website performance we noticed an enormous increase of cpu usage in top around 20:50 this evening... At the same time the logfile 'stopped' because the time of last change did not increase.
Looking at the dir list i noticed the two logfiles being exact the same size!

-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2147483647 May 20 18:17 ispconfig_access_log_2007_05_20
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2147483647 May 21 20:57 ispconfig_access_log_2007_05_21
Next thing on my mind is: "the number of bytes of that file is too big, something can't handle it"...
same thing happens if you try to put a larger integer in a mysql field with the 'int' as type: it will be lowered to 2.1 billion.
also, logfiles bigger than 2gigabytes will not be handled by PHP, but this causing the problem didn't make any sense in my mind since PHP got nothing to do with it.

So i do

echo '' > ispconfig_access_log_2007_05_21
and voila: logfile increases again starting from zero, average 'load' in top drops to 0.2 and website is served flawless with maximum visitors online.

Questions to solve the problem
If i'm not mistaking the logfile i'm talking about is for logging the datatraffic for the ISPConfig panel. The files are useless to us anyway because we use the main webserver for basic visitor stats, they clearly waste a lot of disk and cpu performance, we only host 1 website and they now give us a problem as well...

Is there any way to stop the use of the ispconfig_access_log_2007_*_* files in /var/log/httpd/ ?

More interesting for other people is the question, what is causing this problem?

I hope i have made myself clear enough
Looking forward to any reply.

Thanks in advance,

the ISPCofigFan
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