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Default Just not getting it...

For some reason, I just must be missing something.

I start with pages one and two of the Debian Sarge how-to, THEN I skip into the Virtual users and domains with postfix.... (etc)

I get the database infor setup in MySQL.
I get quota set up (I even hit page 3 of the Debian Sarge how-to to work that)
Get DNS set up (hit page 3 of Debian Sarge how-to to work that)

and I get to the point of getting users in the database and postfix logs saying mail is queued and delivered, but the mail bounces back.

I get:
<>: []: Name or service not known

I've confirmed that '' resolves on the server and it correctly identifies the external IP address of this server as that mail server.

Perhaps I should have delved deeper into the Sarge How-to first? But if I did that, doesn't the Virtual Users and Domains how-to duplicate a large amount of that effort?

I'm just not seeing it somehow.
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