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Old 5th June 2006, 14:24
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Post Perfect Install - Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Questions


Just going through the guide now and have a few (newbie) questions...

1. The partition screenshots don't show the actual partitions you have chosen, or at least I dont think it does as it says Partition #1 and Partition #5 but Partitions 2,3 and 4 aren't visible. In the previous version guide you used /var / and boot. Is this now not required in Ubuntu version 6?

2. on Page 3 you setup a root account but Ubuntu recommends using sudo for root operations instead. Also, I discovered that doing "sudo bash" would stop it asking for passwords. So, is creating a "root" account required? And if so then is it possible to delete the "admin" account setup previously as we would have two accounts with root access?

3. on Page 3 when editing /etc/network/interfaces
You have listed "network" and "broadcast" IP addresses. Are these needed here if not running the server as a DHCP server?

4. Still on Page 3, when editing the hosts file what does... localhost.localdomain localhost
....do, why add localdomain here?

Using this method I couldn't get "hostname" to display my full hostname, even after re-booting. However, hostname -f worked.

To fix this I reverted to the Badger guide that said enter:
echo server1.example.com > /etc/hostname
/bin/hostname -F /etc/hostname

I also noticed that you omitted the alias "server1" from the IP in
hosts in the 6.06 guide compared to the badger guide. I also omitted the servername from localhost in this setup.

5. When we edit vi /etc/fstab and add usrquota and grpquota to the mount points why do we add quota to "/", I thought that "/" is for the OS and that "/var" is for user data. Wouldn't it be quicker just to use quota on "/var" ?

6. on Page 5 when doing the "dpkg-reconfigure postfix" command and getting to the point that says
Other destinations to accept mail for? (blank for none) <-- server1.example.com, localhost.example.com, localhost

On my setup there are two commas before localhost as in

server1.example.com, localhost.example.com, , localhost

Was something removed there by the OS? Is it meant to be there? For my install I removed the additional comma.

7. Page 6. proFTPd setup refers to the link
....which doesn't work (or didnt for me).

However this one does

8. Page 6, Instead of using Webalizer can we use http://www.awstats.org/ instead? I only ask as Webalizer seems quite old that hasnt been updated in several years.

9. The final stage is getting ISPConfig but the instructions kind of end here. I did the following from the command line...

1. Change to tmp folder
cd /tmp

2. Download ispconfig (got UK location from ispconfig website)
wget http://kent.dl.sourceforge.net/sourc...g-2.2.3.tar.gz

Now you can follow the instructions from: http://www.ispconfig.org/manual_installation.htm lower down the page under the "installation" heading


I discoverd that using "nano" instead of "vi" was an easier editor (from a windows users point of view) to use.

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