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Post Multi Server usage/setup

Hi all,
here is the scenario:
Multi Server (physical) setup web server, mail server, dns1 and dns2 server, db server.
  • WEB IP 75.nn.nn.23 MAIL IP 75.nn.nn.24 DNS1 IP 75.nn.nn.16 DNS2 IP 75.nn.nn.17 DB IP 75.nn.nn.25
All computer are setup with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64 Bit, except DNS2 is 32 Bit only.
I followed the multi server tutorial for debian and modified a few things to match it to the Ubuntu server.
Webserver has also the ISPConfig 3 Control panel installed.
Originally I wanted to use the DB server for all databases e.g. mail, web but I think I will waive this idea, because it will get much too complicated for an old guy like me and detach the db server.
Here is what I would like to do:
Run all mail issues on the mail.server.tld using ISPConfig3 but not the web server database.
I would like to use the Mail Server to store vmail accounts or at least being available.
I would like to also install Roundcube onto the mail server.
I think it is a lot easier to understand if the database is on the mail server unless there is an easy way to tell ISPConfig3, to use the mail server which is on a different public IP.

I hope that's the way it works, or I might have already lost my train of thought here.

So far I figured that I need another apache server on the mail server. However, if I do that,
ISPConfig loses control over it or?
If I don't, I don't know where to put roundcube!
If I put roundcube onto the web server, it will not find the mail database.

I haven't understood what ISPConfig handles and what not, perhaps I will never undestand?

I am concerned to follow some other tutorials that assume that everything is on the same server (physically).

This is the part I am not really following.
Also, some data would be on the server with the control panel and other data would be elsewhere, possibly inaccessible to the web server.

Just a small annoyance note: It would be nice if the Advertisement, in some editing instance, could be kept in its designated space so I can see what I just wrote! without dissappearing undeneath it!

NOT sure if I expressed my goals in such way that others will understand what I would like to do.

On another note, it seems every time I do a so called clean install, something else does not work anymore, though it worked before.
I see a lot of POSTFIX, DOVECOT mail issues posted and I have one too at this latest install.
Apparently, postfix and or dovecot does not know how to read user accounts or passwords anymore, since I can't setup any IMAP accounts anymore. Complains about user password for mail account!
The server are running e.g. Postfix and dovecot.

For us average user that know up to a point how to use a command line, when things go wrong, it is far beyond our understanding. It will take days, if not weeks to find something that might describe the issue we ran into. Mostly, we cause more damage than we do good, once we found something we thought would be the same problem.

I apologize foir the long winding post and hope I didn't bore anybody to death with it.


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