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Default Heartbeat setup on rhel6 64bit


I setup drbd on Rhel6 64 bit servers successfully. But I failed to setup heartbeat on the servers.

I dont require pacemaker because I have to setup heartbeat on only two nodes. I am using below rpms to setup heartbeat.


what shd be the steps to configure. pls help.

cat /etc/ha.d/ha.cf
debugfile /var/log/ha-debug
logfile /var/log/ha-log
logfacility local0
keepalive 2
deadtime 30
warntime 10
initdead 60
udpport 694
bcast eth0 # Linux
auto_failback off
node xfprimary
node xfsecondary
#apiauth ipfail gid=haclient uid=hacluster
#respawn hacluster /usr/lib64/heartbeat/ipfail

cat /etc/ha.d/authkeys
#Contains configuration for Heartbeat authentication

auth 1
1 crc

cat /etc/ha.d/haresources
#Contains configuration for Heartbeat resources
xfprimary drbddisk::mcsdata Filesystem::/dev/drbd1::/mcsdata::ext4 drbddisk::mailstore Filesystem::/dev/drbd0::/mailstore::ext4 heartbeatservices

Problem: on both nodes heartbeat are running. One one node is primary and other is secondary. If I stopped heartbeat service on primary then switching doesnot happens.

on primary node ha-debug is showing

Feb 17 19:57:15 xfprimary heartbeat: [29374]: WARN: Shutdown delayed until current resource activity finishes.
Feb 17 19:58:32 xfprimary heartbeat: [29374]: info: all clients are now paused
Feb 17 20:02:42 xfprimary heartbeat: [29374]: WARN: Message hist queue is filling up (376 messages in queue)
Feb 17 20:02:44 xfprimary heartbeat: [29374]: WARN: Message hist queue is filling up (377 messages in queue)
Feb 17 20:02:46 xfprimary heartbeat: [29374]: WARN: Message hist queue is filling up (378 messages in queue)

on secondary node ha-debug is showing

mach_down[1551]: 2012/02/17_20:01:27 info: /usr/share/heartbeat/mach_down: nice_failback: foreign resources acquired
mach_down[1551]: 2012/02/17_20:01:27 info: mach_down takeover complete for node xfprimary.
Feb 17 20:01:27 xfsecondary heartbeat: [1438]: info: mach_down takeover complete.
hb_standby[5858]: 2012/02/17_20:01:57 Going standby [foreign].
Feb 17 20:01:57 xfsecondary heartbeat: [1438]: info: xfsecondary wants to go standby [foreign]
Feb 17 20:02:07 xfsecondary heartbeat: [1438]: WARN: No reply to standby request. Standby request cancelled.

Pls help.
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