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Default Adding a FTP user

I am trying to use the sites_ftp_user_add function but my current results are that all fields are empty except for the domain, which is correct.

PHP Code:
$params = array( 'server_id' => '1',                              
'parent_domain_id' => '55',        
'username' => 'testing',
'password' => 'testing',
'quota_size' => '-1',
'active' => 'y');

$domain_id $client->sites_ftp_user_add($session_id$client_id$domain_id$params); 
I got the arrays from ftp_user.tform.php so I know those should be correct, but the domain_id line I just guessed at because I am not sure where that comes from other than the "sites_ftp_user_add"

So Question 1. Where does "$domain_id = $client->sites_ftp_user_add($session_id, $client_id, $domain_id, $params); " come from?

2. Why would the parent_domain_id, active and the qouta_size be the only fields that are working?
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