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Default dante server config issue

Hello all,

Newbie to the group and linux so please be gentle. I am trying to get dante up and can't seem to get any love. I want to set up a simple socks proxy which I will wrap in either openssh or putty.

the Dante log looks like dante starts up with no errors but when I go to connect from the box I get a connection refused error. My dante.conf is:

#Where are we going to log all those useful error messages?
logoutput: /var/log/dante.log

#What ip and port should Dante listen on,
# since I am only going to be using this via SSH
#I only want to allow connections over the loopback
internal: port = 8080

#Bind to the eth0 interface
external: eth0

#Since I am only accepting connections over the loopback,
# the only people that COULD connect
# would already be authenticated,
# no need to have dante authenticate also
method: username none

#Which unprivileged user will Dante impersonate if need-be?
user.notprivileged: nobody

# Who can access this proxy?
# Accept only connections from the loopback, all ports
client pass {
from: port 1-65535 to:

#Block all other connection attempts
client block {
from: to:
log: connect error

# Once connected, where can they go?
block {
from: to:
log: connect error

#Pass from the internal IP to anywhere
pass {
from: to:
protocol: tcp udp

#Pass from the loopback going anywhere
pass {
from: to:
protocol: tcp udp

# Block everything else
block {
from: to:
log: connect error


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