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Default ISPConfig: step by step manual after installation

Hello everyone,

I'm having a few problems here. After installing ISPConfig, I started to configure everything.
That was the moment hell started for me.
I looked at the manual, witch was good. It explained to me what the meaning was for every option there was for ISPConfig, but not how to do it in practice.
Well, there is always the forum, so I started to search, search, and again, search. It's 2 days later now, and I think it's configured, but is it like it should be?
When reading the forum I realized I wasn't the only one with that problem. (Never the less, I learned a whole lot reading it.)
So, I'm going to stop reading and I'm going to do this a different way. (Sorry if my language is bad, I'm from Belgium and normaly I'm speaking dutch.)

I'm going to configure ISPConfig like it's intended to be configured. And I'm going to do it with or without the help of the community. I'm going to configure the damn thing until its working perfect and without any errors.

The following is what I'm going to do, and what I'm asking all of you:

I am going to configure ISPConfig step by step and write it down here.

1. Help me and others by giving comments, stearing us in the right direction. When I'm wrong about something, tell me, write down how it should be done, and don't point to other threads on the forum but copy and paste the solutions over to this thread.

2. After it is all done I'm going to write a manual “How to configure ISPConfig in practice” so everyone can benifit from it and I'm going to do it in english and dutch.

3. I'm going to do this for 3 configurations:

1 server with ns1 and ns2 on that same server.
2 servers, both with ISPConfig with ns1 on server 1 and ns2 on server 2.
1 server with ns1 and ns2 on other servers. (when you have nameservers somewhere else)

4. I'm also going to do UebiMiau Webmail and PHPMyAdmin stuff, and why not, also PHPPGAdmin for those who want it, even if we have to reinstall everything to use it.

5. Also, when it's nearly finnished, I'm going to open a dutch website for those who don't understand english and want to use ISPConfig, only dedicated to ISPConfig, and in the dutch language. (Manuals there will always be in 2 languages, english and dutch.) And there we are also going to help with the right dutch translation for ISPConfig, because it's not completely what it should be.

6. As from now, I'm going to act as a noob, so don't be wondered if I'm going to ask stupid questions. Think about it, maybe those so called stupid questions, are not so stupid at all for some of us! And don't worry, I'm a very good listener.

The first things I'm asking:
Should I go for it and do this or not?
Should I do it here, or from the beginning on a separate website?
Give me your opinion, also the bad ones!
Especially to Falko and Till, what do you think about it, your approval over this would be very stimulating.

You will here from me later,

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