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Old 27th May 2009, 05:17
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Question ISPConfig3.. for the sake of clarity.. :-) I'm little bit confused :-)

(sorry for my terrible english..)

I'm using ISPConfig 2.x.x in the last 2 years and i'm really confident with it, it's rock solid and complete. The only (little) problem was to convince my users to accept the [domain]_user username scheme :-) .. Also new Outlook doesn't help non showing (separated) email address / pop username on the default "add wizard"!

Now i'm testing the ISPConfig on fresh Debian Lenny (up and running fine). The approch is completly different and, even if the layout is clear, it's hard for me to understand how things works. Ii've read about all posts in the forum.. but a manual would be helpfull :-)

In ISPConfig2:
- admin can create resellers with particular limits.. (domains/web number, mailboxes, etc..). Admin can add/edit/delete resellers and clients/domains.
Admin can see all resellers, easy understand who are reseller's clients (the structure is clear when you get familiar with). Admin can obviously do every opertions at admin/reseller/client level.

- resellers can create clients/domains with sub-limits (not overquoting their's
own limits). Reseller can add/edit/delete clients/domains.. and all services related. Resellers can see all their clients/domains (and nothing else). Resellers can operate on every configuration parameters at reseller/client level.

- clients/domains have their limits. They can only operate and edit their'services: mailboxes, spam settings, ftp user, databases, etc... For exemple: THEY CANNOT EDIT/RENAME DOMAIN NAME!

In ISPConfig3 (..for what i've understood):
- admin (or better.. adminS) can see all system data. Furthermore.. i didn't found a way to understand differences between clients (resellers) and sub-clients (real clients). As admin.. how can i understand the relationships between them ? When i'll have 10 resellers and 200 domain names i'm sure i'll be in trouble in understanding something.
Admin(s) can set very detailed limits for created clients (very good job).
There are Clients and Users; Users are auto-updated on Clients modifications. Ok.. from User's panel i can set-up control panel access right ..but why not directly from Clients panel? ..without risk to delete access right for a user which still have Client resources. This part is too confused.. it's better for me to be quiet :-)

- clients (instead) can see their's sub-clients. They can assign very detailed limits to them, but they cannot inhibit domain name changes (end users are often not carefull in their's operations).


Finally .. what is wrong and what is right in my (silly) ""analisys"" ?

The "old" ISPConfig2 structure is really good in my opinion.. why this distortion from the well consolidated scheme ?

Thanks in advance for your patience, have a nice day!



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