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Default ProFTP & SuSe 10

I ran the SuSe10 HowTo, made the init.d/proftpd file, then copied my proftpd.conf from my FC4 machine to the SuSe machine. A restart got
server1:~ #  - Fatal: unknown configuration directive 'AuthPAMConfig' on line 16 of '/etc/proftpd.conf'.
I commented the 2 PAM lines out and the restart went well. I then went to my NAT and reset the Vserver from the FC4 machine IP to the SuSe10 machine IP. Can't connect to the ftp site from the web.

I searched around for some possible answers first... I saw that I would probably need log files but I could not find any in /var/log ! Here is my conf though...
# This is the ProFTPD configuration file
# $Id: proftpd.conf,v 1.1 2004/02/26 17:54:30 thias Exp $

ServerName			"ProFTPD server"
ServerIdent			on "FTP Server ready."
ServerAdmin			root@localhost
ServerType			standalone
DefaultServer			on
AccessGrantMsg			"User %u logged in."
DeferWelcome			off

# Use this to excude users from the chroot
DefaultRoot			~ !adm

# Use pam to authenticate (default) and be authoritative
#AuthPAMConfig			proftpd
#AuthOrder			mod_auth_pam.c* mod_auth_unix.c

# Do not perform ident nor DNS lookups (hangs when the port is filtered)
IdentLookups			off
UseReverseDNS			off

# Port 21 is the standard FTP port.
Port				21

# Umask 022 is a good standard umask to prevent new dirs and files
# from being group and world writable.
Umask				022

# Default to show dot files in directory listings
ListOptions			"-a"

# Allow to resume not only the downloads but the uploads too
AllowRetrieveRestart		on
AllowStoreRestart		on

# To prevent DoS attacks, set the maximum number of child processes
# to 30.  If you need to allow more than 30 concurrent connections
# at once, simply increase this value.  Note that this ONLY works
# in standalone mode, in inetd mode you should use an inetd server
# that allows you to limit maximum number of processes per service
# (such as xinetd)
MaxInstances			20

# Set the user and group that the server normally runs at.
User				ftp
Group				ftp

# This is where we want to put the pid file
ScoreboardFile			/var/run/proftpd.score

# Normally, we want users to do a few things.
  AllowOverwrite		no

# Define the log formats
LogFormat			default	"%h %l %u %t \"%r\" %s %b"
LogFormat			auth	"%v [%P] %h %t \"%r\" %s"

# anonymous configuration, with an upload directory.
<Anonymous ~ftp>
  User				ftp
  Group				ftp
  AccessGrantMsg		"Anonymous login ok, restrictions apply."
#  # We want clients to be able to login with "anonymous" as well as "ftp"
  UserAlias			anonymous ftp

#  # Limit the maximum number of anonymous logins
  MaxClients			10 "Sorry, max %m users -- try again later"

# Put the user into /pub right after login
  DefaultChdir			/TheFarm

# We want 'welcome.msg' displayed at login, '.message' displayed in
# each newly chdired directory and tell users to read README* files. 
  DisplayLogin			/welcome.msg

# Some more cosmetic and not vital stuff
# DirFakeUser			on ftp
# DirFakeGroup			on ftp

# Limit WRITE everywhere in the anonymous chroot

# An upload directory that allows storing files but not retrieving
# or creating directories.
   <Directory /Plant&Harvest/*>
	  AllowOverwrite		no
	<Limit READ>
	<Limit STOR>

# Logging for the anonymous transfers
  ExtendedLog		/var/log/proftpd/access.log WRITE,READ default
  ExtendedLog		/var/log/proftpd/auth.log AUTH auth

Thoughts on what I did wrong?

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