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Old 20th March 2009, 07:57
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Default ISPConfig3 - Install Webmail Tutorial?


I was wondering if anyone had a more comprehensive tutorial for install webmail with ISPConfig3 ***AFTER*** ISPConfig3 is installed. I find this one hard to follow and have now reformatted my server for the 6th time this week because I was mucking around with files / things I did not understand. I am using Ubuntu 8.10 and can't say I'm very linux savvy. I know the bare basics.

This is a snippet off http://www.ispconfig.org/docs/INSTALL_UBUNTU_8.10.txt which I found hard to follow and ended up messing up big time.
10.2) Horde (Webmail) - horde.org
First of all, install the horde3 and Imp4 packages (Ubuntu/Debian)
apt-get install horde3 imp4 gollem kronolith2 mnemo2 nag2 turba2
pear install --onlyreqdeps Log Mail Mail_Mime MDB2 File Date

It is then necessary to setup an Alias for Apache. 
If you want horde only on single pages, that are created with ispc3:
Add the following line to ISPConfig->Sites->Web Domain->Options->Apache directives
If you want to access webmail on all pages add the following line to /etc/apache2/apache2.conf
Alias /horde3 /usr/share/horde3

Allow Apache to write horde configuration files :
chown -R www-data:www-data /etc/horde

Important parameters to change are (in Horde setup) :
Horde URL (change it to /horde3)
Enable Database Access. Do Not use MySQL Improved (4+), my attempts at using it failed. MySQL Standard runs fine however
Enable Authentication. I recommend IMAP authentication (something like {localhost:143/imap/notls}. Do not forget the /notls, not specifying failed on my setup). Also make sure to add your username to the list of Administrators, otherwise, you won‚€™t have access to horde/imp4 parameters. Using anything else than IMAP seeemed to fail on my setup
Generate the configuration
Horde should now be setup. You now have to configure imp4
generate a configuration using the horde administration panel
modify the /etc/horde/imp4/servers.php file. Instruction are given inside the file concerning the syntax. If you run Courier-IMAP, and want Imp to automatically authenticate using horde credentials :
$servers[‚€™imap‚€™] = array(
‚€˜name‚€™ => ‚€˜IMAP Server‚€™,
‚€™server‚€™ => ‚€˜localhost‚€™,
‚€˜hordeauth‚€™ => true,
‚€˜protocol‚€™ => ‚€˜imap/notls‚€™,
‚€˜port‚€™ => 143,
‚€˜folders‚€™ => ‚€˜INBOX.‚€™,
‚€˜namespace‚€™ => ‚€˜‚€™,
‚€˜maildomain‚€™ => ‚€˜domain.com‚€™,
‚€™smtphost‚€™ => ‚€˜localhost‚€™,
‚€™smtpport‚€™ => 25,
‚€˜realm‚€™ => ‚€˜‚€™,
‚€˜preferred‚€™ => ‚€˜‚€™,
‚€˜dotfiles‚€™ => false,
‚€˜hierarchies‚€™ => array()
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