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Default Xen: Smp & Lvm


I've tested a Xen setup on Debian 3.1 on a single CPU system. All was well, a few problems but these can be solved ;-)

However, while i'm doing the setup on a dual Xeon starten me wondering. Is the host kernel SMP capable? I really hope so!

My second question is more on Xen and LVM. On my test system I just followed the manual and created a single root (ext3) and a swap filesystem. On my definite system i want LVM as I don't really know the future growth behaviour. Now I have /boot as seperate ext3 (for grub) and the rest in a LVM array (/, /var, /tmp etc as JFS) But the Xen kernel won't boot! Has anyone tried a somethin like this? I can always pull / out of lvm and make it a ext3 outside LVM while keeping data filesystems in LVM.

So two questions: Is the Host kernel SMP capable? and Is the Host kernel LVM capable?

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