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Default 3 Wan configuration problem


I have a problem configuring 3 wan connections on different nics.
Description: 3 real ip address with different nic for each.
Now i use the following script for it:
# Provides:          multi-wan
# Required-Start:    $remote_fs $syslog
# Required-Stop:     $remote_fs $syslog
# Default-Start:     2 3 4 5
# Default-Stop:      0 1 6
# Short-Description: Example initscript
# Description:       This file should be used to construct scripts to be
#                    placed in /etc/init.d.

# Some things that run always
touch /var/lock/multi-wan

# Carry out specific functions when asked to by the system
case "$1" in
   echo "Starting script multi-wan "
   echo "Stopping script multi-wan"
   echo "Usage: /etc/init.d/multi-wan.sh {start|stop}"
   exit 1


#--------------- LINK PART -----------------
# EXTIFn - interface name
# EXTIPn - outgoing IP
# EXTMn  - netmask length (bits)
# EXTGWn - outgoing gateway

# LINK 1

# LINK 2

# LINK 3

# removing old rules and routes

echo "removing old rules"
${IP} rule del prio 50 table main
${IP} rule del prio 201 from ${EXTIP1}/${EXTM1} table 201
${IP} rule del prio 202 from ${EXTIP2}/${EXTM2} table 202
${IP} rule del prio 203 from ${EXTIP3}/${EXTM3} table 203
${IP} rule del prio 221 table 221
echo "flushing tables"
${IP} route flush table 201
${IP} route flush table 202
${IP} route flush table 203
${IP} route flush table 221
echo "removing tables"
${IP} route del table 201
${IP} route del table 202
${IP} route del table 203
${IP} route del table 221

# setting new rules
echo "Setting new routing rules"

# main table w/o default gateway here
${IP} rule add prio 50 table main
${IP} route del default table main

# identified routes here
${IP} rule add prio 201 from ${EXTIP1}/${EXTM1} table 201
${IP} rule add prio 202 from ${EXTIP2}/${EXTM2} table 202
${IP} rule add prio 203 from ${EXTIP3}/${EXTM3} table 203

${IP} route add default via ${EXTGW1} dev ${EXTIF1} src ${EXTIP1} proto static table 201
${IP} route append prohibit default table 201 metric 1 proto static

${IP} route add default via ${EXTGW2} dev ${EXTIF2} src ${EXTIP2} proto static table 202
${IP} route append prohibit default table 202 metric 1 proto static

${IP} route add default via ${EXTGW3} dev ${EXTIF3} src ${EXTIP3} proto static table 203
${IP} route append prohibit default table 203 metric 1 proto static

# mutipath
${IP} rule add prio 221 table 221

${IP} route add default table 221 proto static \
           nexthop via ${EXTGW1} dev ${EXTIF1} weight 1\
           nexthop via ${EXTGW2} dev ${EXTIF2} weight 2\
           nexthop via ${EXTGW3} dev ${EXTIF3} weight 3

${IP} route flush cache
echo "Done !"

while : ; do
 ${PING} -c 1 ${EXTGW1}
 ${PING} -c 1 ${EXTGW2}
 ${PING} -c 1 ${EXTGW3}
echo "Done !"
 sleep 60
But after a time the 3nd ip is not active, cannot be accesed from extern.
And after reboot, i need to remove some ip rules and restart the script and networking.
I need a script or commands for configuring 3 wans to be active.

Thank you in advance and sorry for my bad english!
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You're going oldskool! Install shorewall and let it take care of all that stuff.
I've done it your way as well some time ago, until i saw the light .. Shorewall Firewall!

see: http://www.shorewall.net/MultiISP.html

It's pretty straight forward. Define your "providers" (outgoing gateways) and set a priority to them, reload shorewall, done.
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