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Default squirrelmail login failing

I've got a fresh ISPconfig installation here; the squirrelmail package from http://ispconfig.org/downloads.htm is installed additionally.
But my web login via the https://domain.tld:81/squirrelmail is always failing: "Unknown user or password incorrect."
The /var/log/mail.log says:
Jun 13 13:27:02 ... imapd: Connection, ip=[::ffff:]
Jun 13 13:27:02 ... imapd: LOGIN FAILED, user=web1_test@mydomain.tld, ip=[::ffff:]
Jun 13 13:27:07 ... imapd: LOGOUT, ip=[::ffff:], rcvd=63, sent=332
The login would probably work if the "user" value would be "web1_test" only (without "@mydomain.tld"), so like it does via my web client. The point is: I've put in the login username box of squirrelmail only "web1_test" as username - it seems that squirrelmail adds automatically this "@mydomain.tld" stuff. Are there any suggestions, how to solve this?

Thanks a lot
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i have the same set up as your and logon with the users real email address...

so if you got blaname@bladomain.com as email address, you use this to logon.

have fun,
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Default The same

Hi bitonw,

thx 4 your reply; if I try to logon by "web1_test@mydomain.tld" the result is exactly the same. Squirrel checks that there's a "dom.tld" extension and does nothing in this case obviously.

But it seems to me, for authentication I need the exact "web1_test" string as user value, since ISPconfig does not support usernames as email addresses? How come these together?

bye & greetings
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Default Solution

OK, I found it out. ISPconfig maps the email address from the squirrel login form to the username expected by postfix by means of a file called /etc/postfix/virtusertable. Here, I then recognized, there was an error done by myself: I created a web as subdomain, so I had to input web1_test@sub.dom.tld as username in squirrel, and the mapping file did the rest well. If I typed only the username, squirrel has completed this by the "@dom.tld" but for this there was no mapping entry in the virtualusertable und the logon failed.
This had confused me!

So thank you again.
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