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Default Random "forbidden" error with websites

Successful installation on a ppc platform (an Apple iMac 400 with 128Mb ram) following the 'ISP-Server Setup - Ubuntu 5.10 "Breezy Badger"'.

Only have a little problem at every boot with quota:
quotaon: using // on /dev/hda3 [/]: Function not implemented
quotaon: using //quota.user on /dev/hda3 [/]: Function not implemented
If it is a minor problem i can live with it.

A real problem is when i get web pages on browser. I receive a random "forbidden" error, that states that i cannot access the page. Restart Apache2 and for some time the result is as expected, no errors at all, after which the problem appear again, at the beginning after an inconsistent number of pages (or images) and then always more frequently until i am forced to restart Apache2.

The problem is NOT with the apache of ISPconfig, but only with apache2 for websites.

What can i do?

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