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Default Flash and Firefox

I intended just to drop falko a line thanking him for the work he did on the
tutorial, especially providing all those time-consuming pictures. VMware and
f-stop were also on the list of packages to install and I wanted to learn how
to use them. I had just tried out Kubuntu and it took me 35 minutes to install
Flash, so I was looking for an easier approach than having to enable the
multiverse repository. Thanks also for the VMware pointer on tut. page 5.

I went to the Macromedia website and downloaded the current flash*tar.gz
which I unpacked in /home/ubuntu/downloads into the same directories that
mrwasabi recounted for Flash. I ran flash-install from the command line which
I thought would be the same as terminal, but it didn't work until I switched
to terminal which was available in the command line option window. I saw it
install although as I didn't use sudo it just installed for the user logged in, me.
When I went back to the Macromedia site with Firefox (which was easy to
install) flash and sound just worked without any more ado. Thanks for the

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