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Default Thanks till for your help

hello till
thanks for your response.
I tried to empty the recyclebin on dns, like i mensioned above and it gives me
the same error, so i found dns_a and took it out from their (phpmyadmin ispconfigdb table dns_a) even doing that did not stop the same errors.
concerning proftpd the listen to IP how to do that ? i mean what to write ? , what is weird is last time that happen i installed it and take it out like 10 times untill it works, and my host file which it could be the reason is correct with server name and IP.
As a final solution i thought to uninstall ispconfig and reinstall after installing
proftpd first, if this will solve the problem.
another simple question i rather to ask it here instead of posting
a new one:
myserver is just for me no resellers no clients no customers, so
where will be the best place to put the sites ? like under admin, sites ?
+ i don't see the file manager folder anywhere ? or i have to create
the folder file manager ?
Thanks very much for your help.

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