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Smile Need some help with ispconfig errors

I installed debian etch and followed the perfect setup, then installed ispconfig 2.2.18.
I have some issues with ispconfig:
I deleted ARecord & CNAME because i was having problem with dns is not
resolving to the domain name and still, when i try to add them again i got
an error on Arecord after i try to save " There is already a CNAME Record entry for this host in this zone." then i tried to add CNAME and got this : "There is already ARecord entry for this host in this zone."
I checked all recyclebins nothing in it.
I read on a post here you can delete it from the database table dns_a but i don't know how to
find it or where it is .
Another issue is when i empty the recycle bin and try to check it after long
time it says that it still updating the system please wait a while and try again.
The last issue is: proftpd server was working fine and today i was trying to
check the servers and it says FTP server offline , i try to run it from the shell
and said failed, is this may be because i changed the IP ?
Thanks any help will be appreciated.

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