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Default Yum Installation Issue

Hi All
I tried to install Yum on Fedora Core 6. I have used yum-3.2.6.tar.gz file. When i try yum command with any option say install list it is showing the error

[root@mail2 yum]# yum install webmin

Existing lock /var/run/ another copy is running. Aborting.
[root@mail2 yum]#

There is no file called /var/run/ More over running the yum command even after rebooting the machine gives the same result. Can anyone help on this ?

Is it because i have not properly installed yum ? can any one send me a link which guides through the correct yum installation procedure, with the changes to be made in yum.conf file ?

Looking forward to hear from you

Thanks and Regards

Nidhin Tomson
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