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Unhappy mysql cluster with load balance

hi there,

im using debian etch 64 bit (AMD) and have followed the how to with regards to mysql cluster, now all seems fine, a cluster is running, load balance is one on one off and all test pass.

but i have a couple of problems:

one mysql node is now unaccessable via SSH, so i have to use kvmoip
i have a virtual ip of xx.xx.xx.xx if i use this i get nothing unless im in the actual IP group, but i need this to be accessable from the web farm that is on another subnet ????? what am i doing wrong ?

also when i actually try mysql from within the subnet i just get a hang after entering my pass and i have to press control and Z to exit!!!

i would be grateful for some uncomplicated guidence on this as i am new to linux and everything is a nightmare.

p.s i could not install ultramonkey as they dont have a 64bit amd yet, but i have everything running with regards to db:mysql, heartbeat etc all as seperate installs.

i have an update on the error from mysql:

shell> mysql
ERROR 2003: Can't connect to MySQL server on 'host_name' (111)

i have done netstat -ln grep mysql

and i get this:

unix2 : {acc} stream listening 12555 /tmp/mysql.sock

i can connect if i go direct to the ip of the node and port 3306

another update:

i have this : net.ipv4.conf.eth0.arp_ignore = 1

i assume this blocks all traffic except for traffic on the current subnet ????
do i just comment this out? and the use ip sec ???

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