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I did add them from within ISPConfig - wonder why it did not fix it in the iptables? When I open up the firewall in ispconfig - here is what I have...

  Name  	  Port  	  Type  	  Active 
  FTP  	  21  	  tcp  	  yes 
  SSH  	  22  	  tcp  	  yes 
  SMTP  	  25  	  tcp  	  yes 
  DNS  	  53  	  tcp  	  yes 
  DNS  	  53  	  udp  	  yes 
  WWW  	  80  	  tcp  	  yes 
  ISPConfig  	  81  	  tcp  	  yes 
  POP3  	  110  	  tcp  	  yes 
  SSL (www)  	  443  	  tcp  	  yes 
  Webmin  	  10000  	  tcp  	  yes 
  phpMyadmin  	  3306  	  tcp  	  yes 
  Worldd  	  8085  	  tcp  	  yes 
  Realmd  	  3724  	  tcp  	  yes 
  WorlddU  	  8085  	  udp  	  yes 
  RealmdU  	  3724  	  udp  	  yes
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