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Default unable to receive email from postfix/ISPconfig with Microcrap Outlook 2007

I've loaded ubuntu 7.10 server and ISPconfig following the howto at primarily to play around with it and to self educate.

Everything seemed to be working fine. I can use squirrelmail to send email out to the internet and can receive email from the internet.

Problem arose when I tried to setup my fiance an email address. She demands to use Outlook 2007.

I tried to set Outlook up with a new email account and performed several "test account settings" until outlook reported that it could connect and all setting tests that it performs were passed. The problem is that outlook is not receiving any emails from the postfix server even though it is reporting that it is connecting to it.

I did some research and surfing and it seems that most people are saying that the "Require logon using SPA" box must be checked in outlook.

In my case when I check it it refuses to connect at all and outlook reports errors when testing the account settings. So the only way that it will not report an error and appear to work is with the SPA box unchecked.

When I log in to her account using squirrelmail she has a ton of the outlook test messages sitting there and everything appears just fine, she just isn't getting them downloaded into her outlook program which IS working with 2 other email addesses.

I don't really see anything in the mail log that I would take as an error and can see entries for it when outlook sends the test message.

Searching and reading so far hasn't produced any results.

Can someone point me in the right direction to look for a solution to this problem?

Thank you,
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