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Hi There,

Thanks for your quick reply.. yes thats tru as I did ask them to delete the and they couldnt do it as was pointed to and so i had to redirect it back to them while i was trying to see if this is what was the problem ..
my question is ? do i need to registername server to be able to redirect any domain to my webserver..

currently im with

I had setup in the host records as follows.
@ my ip address A(Address)
w CNAME (Alias)

and i had and registered and i asked them to remove it i redirected back to them..

Now im trying to redirect weet-bix to using ns1 and ns2..

My question is : do i have to Re register ns1 and ns2 as it used to be setup..

I dont know ,, i feel there is something missing in here which doesnt let me receive emails through weet-bix when it was pointed to ns1 and ns2 of weet - bix..

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