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Question I need some advice on migrating from PHP4 to PHP5.

I am a noob at servers and stuff but I've managed to get a live working webserver. And all thanks to ISPConfig for which from now on till forever will be my site management software of choice! Kudos!

I wrote my first PHP page on my personal computer with Abyss Webserver and PHP5 for Windows. Works great for testing and learning. Wasn't very hard to learn I guess cause I've already got some skill in C++ and the structure is extremely similar.

I wrote the script using a function only available in PHP5: filter_var. Great function because it will help keep maliciouse attackers from injecting bad code into my site passed through form data and whatnot.

My problem is that the live server is still only running PHP4, and I've already installed ISPConfig, SquirrelMail, etc...

I've tried using yum update php and apt-get update php but neither one seems to be pointed at a live repository.

I downloaded the source for the latest PHP5 and ran the standard unzip, untar, ./configure, make, and make test. Its the "make install" that's giving me the jitters. While it was doing the configure and make stuff, I did more research online and found that there are a fair amount of PHP4 to PHP5 issues.

then this happened:
Bug #38474 (getAttribute select attribute by order, even when prefixed) (OK to fail with libxml2 < 2.6.2x) [e]
Bug #16069 (ICONV transliteration failure) [ext/iconv/tests/bug16069.phpt]
iconv stream filter [ext/iconv/tests/iconv_stream_filter.phpt]
My concerns are if its even possible to install PHP5 on top of PHP4 and not break everything else in the process and having to wipe the harddrive and spend another 2 weeks getting it back up again? It wouldn't be a problem to take the httpd down for a while but the mailserver needs to be up 24/7.

If I can't install PHP5 on my live server, is there an alternative to the filter_var function?

I'll take any help I can get at this point, I am at my wits end.

On another note:

Can someone point me to a FAQ that shows step-by-step-by-step-by-step how to get yum and apt-get to point to a live repository? I can't tell you how many times I've googled yum and apt and only found threads and faqs to broken repositories and mirrors, or atleast they don't work for me or I'm not doing it right somehow.

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