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Default client versus user

Hi unco
you probably mixed user and client.
To manage websites you have to set a client who will be able to manage his websites.
For access to client's website control panel use (if you have SSL website enabled) or (if you don't).
Client have login data set on 'login data' tab - there you can set for your client his/her username (to be used for login instead yours 'admin' username) and his/her password.
Remember that if you create on 'new site' a user under 'user & email' tab, this user is able to access his/her email only. S/he is not able to manage websites nor email forwarding etc.
Client is able to log onto website administration and do settings for email user under ISP manager => website ( => user & email tab => user (unco) => advanced settings tab => forward.
hope this help
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