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Default Continuing Hurdles

Dear Falko:

1) I tried using both IE and FireFox but both says that server is not found at my end and the placeholder does not simply appear in my laptop. Just wondering about this behavior. And this continued again (seems problem with the Internet provider)

2) I have also disabled the firewall and checked again. Even FTP access is not allowed, saying can't resolve hostname.

3) I checked with another computer also. gave me shared IP default page of ISPConfig and the gave me the pageholder. However, I don't know what could be the problem? After adding a codomain pointed to the same IP, it rendered me the page.

4) Tried to create a subdomain like subdomain.domain.tld by adding 'subdomain' as host and 'domain.tld' as domain in the codomain tab and also checked both create dns and create dns mx and saved. But pointing to subdomain.domain.tld does not render anything. Or this is the wrong way of creating a subdomain inside a domain?

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