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Default ISPConfig wiki site sabotaged repeatedly

As I tried to access the wiki site at today I noticed that there were no links on the main page pointing to other parts of the wiki. Looking at the current content of the main page reveals that someone has entered external links to ad sites and removed everything else.

Judging from the history of the main wiki page, the last good version of it is from December 2. After that the first few edits added HTML code to the page which pointed to external ad sites. Then the last three edits added the current contens and removed anything else.

Looking at recent changes to the wiki site shows that a lot of wiki pages are affected by this. Someone has altered them to add ad links and remove other contents.

Shouldn't the wiki site be more protected than this? Although a wiki is perfect for community contributions most people running wiki sites have learnt the hard way that they should require users to login before they are allowed to make changes.
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