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Default Some basic pre-installation questions

Hi everyone--I have been reading these forums for the past couple months trying to gain knowledge and experience in server deployment. I am still very new to Linux but I have a strong desire to become proficient with it.

So with that said here is my scenario followed by my questions.

Server: Debian Etch (The Perfect Setup--completed--"Thanks Falko")

Network Info: WAN - 1 Dynamic IP -
Gateway -
Netmask -
Network -
Broadcast -

Router Linksys - (with DynDNS updating to Necessary ports are forwarded to

5 interfaces configured on server eth0

I have custom DNS services from DynDNS for which is a domain I own.

**I will preface my questions with the statement that I am attempting this for learning purposes only., although purchased for a purpose will be hosted on a commercial site when completed.

**My goal is to correctly configure a DNS server and resolve virtual websites to their corresponding internal ip's from the outside world. The primary reason is to provide ssl on each site that I run.


(ISPConfig Install)
1. During the ISPConfig setup, what do i use for the ispconfig web IP?
2. What do I use for the hostname
3. What do I use for the domain

(Publishing my DNS server)

1. Given I have control over the DNS for can what is the best way to publish my DNS server so it can be seen from the outside world?

2. Is there a way I can cheat on the 2nd nameserver required as I do not wish to set up another system (probably frugal anyway since I only have 1 IP)

(ISPConfig Configuration)

1. Are there any special configuration changes I may need to make after the install. I noted on a previous practice install that the host was "www". And if I remember, there was a setting for Server 1 and the nameservers seemed to default to (note on my practice install the FQDN was whereas this new installation is going on the machine with a FQDN of I guess what I am wondering, where does the "www", and "Server 1" settings come into play? And what should my actual nameservers be?

2. When ISPConfig creates a new site obviously it is creating the DNS forward zone also. Is there any need for me to create a reverse zone for this site also?

If I can gain an understanding of these concepts I can get thru the install correctly I believe.

Note: On my practice install my DNS resolved correctly from the LAN but not the outside world.

Thanks you in advance for any help!

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