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Originally Posted by chuckl
I seem to remember I tested it with suphp a while back without problem, but I was doing a lot of testing and switching with suPHP and SuExec at the time, so I can't be certain.
I don't think it should be an issue, does suPHP really care what the underlying transport is?
I would have thought that browser support for SNI would be a far bigger issue. If 80% or whatever of people connecting use browsers able to support SNI, is it wise to implement it?

Probably depends on the site.

There are realy only 2 browsers to worry about and thats IE and Firefox nothing else realy matters (Sorry to those that use Apple's) and most websites would show these two as being closer to 90% or higher of all there users so its probably not going to have much affect negatively as both IE and Firefox support SNI.

The other thing to consider is that within the next 6 to 12 months most if not all browsers will develop support for the new protocols.

A simmple comment on the website explaining that the site requires IE or Firefox or Opera to work correctly untill support is more universal seems simple enough to do. I dont know about search engins and there ability to follow NSI URL's but Google and Yahoo are probably both good to go, there the two biggies.

Probably best to check log files and determin on a site by site basis if its going to have an impact or not.

Thanks for the suphp update Ill give it a go ASAP.
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