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Talking Multiple HTTPS Sites For One IP

Multiple HTTPS / SSL Sites For One IP

Would just like to comment that I have completed a full install and test of the new TLS implementation and it works a treat. Not in production yet but will be soon.

Some very minor issues with typo's on the howto page, maybe till or falko could correct them

cd /usrsrc/apache2 should be cd /usr/src/apache2

and just to make sure people understand that there are 2 entries for the

Check ob bereits ein SSL Cert auf der IP Existiert

in the /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/lib/classes/ispconfig_isp_web.lib.php file.

I also experienced a minor issue where the - kept changing to a . but this may have been just my machine and the use of puty.

The only other thing people need to know is that this takes a long time to complet and preferably needs a fast internet connection or it could take more than 6 or 8 hours to complet on slower connections so have a coffee and engoy.

Also just wondering is Afer upgrading ispconfig if the /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/lib/classes/ispconfig_isp_web.lib.php file will need editing every time.

Thanks for a howto that makes life a lot better and has been asked for many many times.

Till and falko will enjoy not having to say Thats not possible


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