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Originally Posted by ramansivia
Thanks for reply ,

I do see sent, trash, inbox, and i see its in user infer.. but there is no option for junk folder,

1) when i make new email account, Junk folder is not created
They don't appear on webmail at the beginning (i'm using sqiuirrel). Check via shell login what's inside user's Maildir.

Originally Posted by ramansivia
2) when i choice option to move spam to junk folder, rather then redirect mail to junk it just delete it message, (as it should do according to ISP setup, either mail in inbox or delete it )

Is there something wrong in my setup , or i'm missing something

I'm missing someting? There should be choice to leave in inbox or move to junk - not move/redirect.

Also check twice steps described in posts above and make edited files backup first
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