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i was able to get through the entire install till this'

-zlib issue-
The zlib with CentOS is version 1.2.1. You will need to download and compile zlib 1.2.3 as follows. Do not try to uninstall the CentOS rpms. There are many dependencies that would be uninstalled with them and would pretty much trash your OS install. I don't know if the direct installation of zlib 1.2.3 will break anything else.

cd /root
tar xvfz zlib-1.2.3.tar.gz
cd zlib-1.2.3
make test
make install

Run ./setup as usual. You may want to tee the output to a file for diagnostic reasons in case something goes wacky. './setup | tee ispconfig.tee' would be a good start.

when I tried it gave me these errors

[root@localhost zlib-1.2.3]# make test
cc -O -DNO_snprintf -DHAS_sprintf_void -DNO_ERRNO_H -c -o example.o example.c
make: cc: Command not found
make: *** [example.o] Error 127
[root@localhost zlib-1.2.3]#

[root@localhost zlib-1.2.3]# make install
cc -O -DNO_snprintf -DHAS_sprintf_void -DNO_ERRNO_H -c -o adler32.o adler32.c
make: cc: Command not found
make: *** [adler32.o] Error 127

any ideal why?
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