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Angry Server Not Autorative for Domain Error

I created a domain with the ISPConfig Control Panel. I pointed another domain ( to the DNS of the that was provided by the webhost for the server. I certainly checked 'create DNS' and 'create DNS MX' while creating subdomain. Now the problem is it gives DNS error when I point the domain to the server. The error message is as follows:

The DNS data is still containing errors. Because you have not corrected it
in time, it is now rejected. In order to do the change, the errors must
be corrected and a new redelegation must be initiated.

Server not authorative for
Server not authorative for
NS not found in zone (
NS not found in zone (
NS not found in zone (
NS not found in zone (

When I checked what it means, the gave an explanation to this error as:

Error message: "Server not authorative for domain"

The name server is faulty configurated or not set up to be a name server for the domain name. Before the redelegation is done every name server for the domain name must be correctly set up. It is valid for both slave and master servers and it is also valid for every name server (NS) in the name server. If a name server name is pointing at several IP-addresses it counts for everyone of them.

The name server programme is faulty configurated, has crashed or is not running. The machine is not available over the net, shut off or overloaded. A firewall or a router hinders traffic to the machine. The name server have to be publical available for both UDP- and TCP-traffic towards gateway 53 . The name server can not be on a private IP-address (RFC 1918). The fault might concern any of the name servers (NS-posts) in the zone, and anyone of the IP-addresses if a name server points towards more than one address.
What could be the problem? I am going to point all other domains that I register to the same IP so that I could share the webspace as virtual domains in the shared space. Thanks!

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