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Thanks, that did it!

<rant> I'm new to Linux, but have been in the computer field since over 30 years. I stared on Unix long long ago, went to DOS and then Windows with the first PCS, some adventures in embedded real-time OS systems, and now am coming back around (and generally glad to do so).

BUT, the multiple flavors and non-standard details of each distro are driving me CrAzY. By choosing one (Debian / Ubuntu) at least there's the consistency of the user community; but it's often nearly impossible to unearth the simplest but completely necessary little pieces of information like the above just to do something as simple as this!

I suppose this is the side effect of going open-source, but compared to some other standardized systems it's no wonder that only the brave tread here. I'll get better at it as time and experience mount, but just now I had to sound off!</rant>
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