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RossMcD: Sadly, no!

I search for ages trying to find a few details, I must admit this is the biggest downfall i have found with Linux (not that windows is any better, but XP has rollback and restore points, which can be really helpful...)

In the end i got desperate to get the mail server back up, so i went for a complete reinstall.

As i noted, the mem test went for a day without errors, so i was pretty sure that wasn't it.

I also tried removing MySQL then re-applying it. Well what i found was that the database information stays, no problem there, but it didn't fix the issue either!!!

So my guess at this point is that is could have been a package below mysql with the fault.

When it came to reinstalling i found 7.10 Gusty Gibbon had just been released, so i gave it a try. I must admit I find it a little better. There little difference between 7.04 and 7.10, but 7.10 starts by allowing you to install the SSH server as part of the installation!

If i new a little more about the way linux works would consider building a package verifier. It should be a simple matter of walking the depencency tree, and creating a checksum of each package which could then be placed into a database for later checking.

If that was merged into apt you could keep that list way up to date on each update, then verifying would be simple.

oh, and i never did find out how to do a disk check in ubuntu...

It's funny, (NOT A WINDOWS Vs LINUX FLAME WAR) I heard alot about how linux was so damn great before i used it. While it does have potential, and Ubuntu certainly seems to have alot! it lacks a great deal of useful tools that as a windows IT guy for the last decade it's damned hard to get used to.

In my opinion Linux should stop worrying whether it's better than windows, and just do the bloody job!

My top list of niggles would be:

1) make apps have names that have a meaning. now i know the package names have some meaning, but why on earth, when looking to edit a text file would i type vi, joe, nano or any of the others?

in DOS i typed EDIT...worked for me....

2) keep up with the latest trends (yes, that means copy microsoft if you have to). XP's driver rollback, and restore points can save hours of time and effort. ok, it's lazy, but when you have several hundred users to deal with, and a room stacked full of servers, shortening the support time means EVERYTHING!!!! it all comes down to money. Linux takes too long to administer!

3) standardise...Windows has the Registry to keep app settings in. Linux has the /etc, or was that /var, or.... and do you call it, postfix.conf, postfix.cfg, the hell knows, and who has time to bother with learning 1000's of names for files i shouldn't even have to know about! Seriously, yet another example of Linux being to slow! again, it works, and thats fine, but to become a commercial product, simplification means it's easier to learn. easy to learn means more trained staff available. more trained staff means lower wages, lower wages mean more staff in the IT dept, more staff means the job gets done quicker. It's a crap world, but it's the world we live with it....

4) give it a desktop, and work graphically. Now i know most Linux stuff can have a gui front end, but it's always some kind of bodged add-on. I don't want to use Apache and PHP to make everything work. I want a desktop that has the tools i want visually available. Again, the command line is perfect in some ways, but not when you stare at it 8 hours a day, 5 1/2 days a week, 52 weeks a year. I want to be able to view 6 apps at once, while configuring remote systems, giving users assistance, and troubleshoot network issues. ain't doing that from the command prompt!!!!

Now i know someone will say "if you like windows so much, why are you using Linux?". well i don't particularly like windows. I don't like it's ability to create problems that shouldn't even exist. but what i do like about it is it ability to increase productivity. from the girl on reception, to my in IT, to the sales guys out in the field. Everything works seamlessly (or nearly).

If i could add in the reliability and freedom of Linux, i'd be a happy man.....
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