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Default Problem recieving mail

I am quite pleased with ispconfig. It is truly an amazing program. However, I am having trouble receiving e-mails in my inbox. This holds true using the webmail interface and outlook. It appears as if they are not being properly delivered to the users e-mail box. I am able to send main from the account so SMTP works perfectly. Also, no e-mails are getting bounced back.

My set up is as follows:
Fedora Core 4 perfect
MTA Postfix
logs are enabled
maildir is disabled
spamfilter is enabled

on the email account:
catchAll-email is enabled
MailScan is enabled
Keep Copy is enabled
Spamfilter is enabled
Antivirus is enabled
Span Strategy accept
spanHits: 5
Rewrite subject is enabled

When I viewed the log files they are not giving me any errors and the server is recieving the e-mails.

Any ideas? Thanks for your help!
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