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To see the other tabs I had to fill the mandatory fields, e.g. domain name. After clicking to the next tab, then leaving this mask to any other, and going back to e.g. domain overview or mailbox overview, the domains was already added, so its just the same as clicking the add button.
Yes, every tab is saved when you change to the next tab. Its the same in ISPConfig 2. I dont see this as a problem as I personally like this behaviour.

Then I got a question regarding the domainmanagement. In the design right now, it looks like "web" Domains and E-Mail Domains are comletely split. Will there be central Management, such like a "Domainpool" that can be used, depending on which group / user such pool is assigned to, so that the user has a central list of all his domains no matter if he is creating a mailbox or a website?
We can add such a overview list. This is splitted in ISPConfig 3 as every module is generally independant and many users had complained about ISPConfig 2 that the email function was a prt of the website. ISPconfig 3 can be used as pure mailserver backend just by disabling the other modules in the user settings.

My idea is to add some kind of whizards for fast creation of web, dns and mail with one click where you just have to enter the domain anme and select the client.
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