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Question Mirroring ISPConfig with DRBD

I have two servers that im trying to cluster togheter for high availability, and i am having trouble replicating all the ISPConfig data.

We installed ispconfig on both servers from the /home/install_ispconfig. This because /home is the directory we will be mounting for data replication using drbd. We are also using ultramonkey for the heartbeat.

With only the heartbeat running (drbd is not running) we can get to the ispconfig admin login page and log in, on a virtual ip created with the heartbeat config files.

When we take node1 offline, node2 comes on and picks up a little later and works fine.
So far so good.

Now, we enter information in ispconfig, create some websites, email users... in node1 and we want the data to replicate to node2. We start drbd mount our mirrored devices and again we are able to reach ispconfig page, log in, we can get to webmail, etc... everything works good. This with node1 as primary and node2 secondary.

Then, we take node1 offline, do the process needed to mount the mirrored device on node2 and make it primary, and all of the sudden nothing works.

My take on it is that we need to mirror other directories that hold the websites, email, webpages, etc.... that are not being mirrored.

Now, my question is, does anyone know what directories to mirror to get this to work?
Will i have to do the changes that i do to ispconfig on both servers? cause, that kind of defeats the purpose.

I would appreciate any information that anyone can give me.

Thank you....
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